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Logic School: 6th- 8th Grade 

Rhetoric School: 9th-12th Grade 

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Our secondary program has a track record of excellence in Christian education and enjoys a strong reputation in the broader educational community. CCS Students are educated in a curriculum that is authentically Christian, deliberately integrating the Christian worldview into all disciplines and all extracurricular programs. Our college preparatory record speaks for itself. What matters most is that your child and all of our alumni go on to live lives that bear witness to the transforming power of God in their lives.


Logic School

6th- 8th Grade 

Rhetoric School

9th-12th Grade 

Logic School (middle school) builds upon the strong foundation that is laid during Grammar School. We work with the inquisitive nature of these students to develop the skills of cognitive evaluation, critical thinking, and logical argumentation.

 View our Logic School Curriculum here. 

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Rhetoric School (High School) pushes students to further develop into mature adults as they prepare for the future in colleges, careers and everyday life. We build upon the skills learned in Logic and Grammar School by teaching Formal Logic and Rhetoric and offering various AP & Honors courses.


View our High School Course Catalog here.

Click Here to view our Rhetoric School Flyer

Students are drafted into their House when entering the 6th grade and remain with that House through 12th grade.  Instead of homeroom, students have daily House period to start each day.  Each year the school holds four House competition days - two fun House Games days and two Academic Olympic days.  Throughout the year each House earns points through various competitions, student participation, and through its cumulative House GPA.  At the end of the year, the winning House is awarded the House Cup which is then proudly displayed in its House for the next school year.


Each CCS House is named in honor of a hero of faith.  Our House Heroes include:  Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Elizabeth Elliot, Olaudah Equiano, C.S. Lewis, William Wilberforce, and Watchman Nee.

House Program


Coventry Christian Schools has a house system for our Secondary students.  The House system is a unique way to organize students as compared with the traditional homeroom and student government programs commonly found in American Secondary schools. 


Coventry Christian Schools is a member of the Atlantic Coast Christian Athletic Conference.  We offer interscholastic sports opportunities starting in 5th grade up through high school varsity. 

The Arts

CCS students have the opportunity to participate in performing, visual and fine arts.  Most recently our students have competed in regional competitions as well as performed Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors.


CCS offers chorus and band for students in Grades 6-12.


Electives & Extracurriculars

STEM Lab, Aquaponics Lab, Greenhouse

3D Printing & Design, Argumentation & Debate, Computer Science, Exercise Science, Scientific Discovery, Personal Finance, Yearbook.

Learn More about Us

Read about SAT Scores, AP Courses, Honor Society, and more!

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